Monday, January 05, 2009

Sunday 4 January

Mild & dry - put my boots on today as the ground is still frozen.
Met up with Sue, then Dawnie who was followed by Debbie.
Everything is always so clean and crisp after it has been frosted, it also prepares the way for all the new life that we will see this year.
I love walking in the winter, (I love walking anytime) especially in snow, but not too much of it now as it can be very tiring, I suppose we have to be thankful we don't get too much these days.
Quite a few folk about round the lodges, three fishermen had just arrived as we got there - I don't think I could sit in the cold for hours, but each to his own. I will just keep moving.
The trees around here are full of Ivy - the fruit will soon be taken by the birds as it ripens.
Nothing on the Top Lodge

Take Care.

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