Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday 20 January

As you can see we had a good bit of snow yesterday, thankfully it is thawing today.
It was a lovely morning for a walk in the valley - the pavements were very slippy, it was much better on the woodland paths.

Taken from the top of Primrose Hill - the house in the trees is on Sunny Brow.
Looking toward Spring Wood, this was the view Primrose cottages long gone would have looked out on.
The cottages were on the right of the photo, you would never know they had been there, the only things to tell any tales are the plants and trees.
I just love this view (I must have lots of photos) looking towards Duxbury and then Winter Hill.
Jake & Harvey having a silly moment in the snow, they all seem to go like pups in it.

Meg was just as intrigued by it all.
Taken from the field at the bottom of Primrose hill looking toward Spring Wood.
Looking toward the back of the top lodge.
These trees are the very tip of Spring Wood.
I put my usual seed on the sluice channel table, hardly blinked and the first in was a long tail tit.
Stayed long enough for a photo.
Then brought some friends.
They were flitting in and out of the nearby shrubs.
They even gave me a privileged group photo almost got 6 on.
There were at least a dozen among the shrubs.
I really had to put a spurt on to catch the group up.
Take care.


  1. Anonymous1:26 pm

    Great pictures. Looks like the Long Tailed Tits were lined up specially for a photo opportunity.

    Sea Fishing and Walking in the UK

  2. hi Stu,

    good to hear from you again.

  3. Anonymous8:47 pm

    Great pictures, sorry i missed a good walk in the snow. Sue


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