Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday 12 February

Cold this morning, 26.6'f - it was dry and the ground hard.
We met Dawnie and walked with her, the dogs enjoyed the frosty ground, the birds are hungry - we got mobbed by the robins, the fat ball has gone but still some peanuts left.
The sluice channel was soon busy as I put some seed on the table, this Nuthatch was down first.
Blackbird was on the ground.
Lodge was 90% frozen - the birds were all at the far end in the little bit of water.

Take Care.


  1. hello carol. The aconites are up in Worden and the spring snowflake is on the way. Theres also Christmas rose up in the gardens near the Cedar of Lebanon,

  2. Thanks Jack, I will have a look next week, not much happening around here but it will be, everything is just waiting for that bit of warmth.


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