Friday, March 06, 2009

Monday 2 March

Mild & dry, with some sunshine.

A large nest in the trees between the big lodge and river, no sign of the builders.
Fungi - looked like mini Turkey Tail.
Pike about 18 inches long, not the biggest one from the big lodge but it was a good size.
A very rare photo - some of the ramblers wondering why I had shouted them, just wanted to take a photo.

I have been looking at the photos and reports on the site of the Ravens nest building on the church tower.

We went into town so we had a walk to the Church, no sign of any ravens but I got the nest.

Also found daisy in flower I liked the effect of the crocus planted in the shape of the cross.The gardens are being prepared for spring, but they have not reached this part, Common Whitlow Grass. In Flower.

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