Friday, March 06, 2009

Tuesday 3 March

Set off in the rain with George - We soon met up with Dawnie & Debbie.
This is Butterbur just peeping through, the flowers appear before the leaves.
The last young swan was practising today he set off and flew low across the lodge.
He is almost ready to leave, his parents are already planning their next family so they will see him off.


  1. I adore swans...and the butterbur takes me back to a school walk 50 years ago. A friend found one and asked for it to be identified. The rest of the class laughed as the leaves looked so ordinary. Our teacher then explained to us that it is called butterbur as the leaves were used in olden days to wrap up butter and keep it fresh...

    Enjoyed all the photos, as usual :)

  2. You are right the leaves were used to wrap butter in, a lot of the plants/herbs are still useful today especially in the kitchen.


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