Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday 17 May

The view from Primrose Hill toward the Yarrow Valley - you may be able to see the gate that leads to the park.

Beech Flowers past their best and done their work, the female is at the tip of the branch and becomes the beech nut or mast and the rest are male flowers.
This was a very tired but beautiful bee it took off after a few moments in the sunshine - I think it could be Bombus lapidarius, any one confirm or ID.
I think this is Bombus lucorum but I am looking for confirmation or ID.
This was Common Nettle - it was the Aphids that took my eye, they were quite big and birthing live young - are these nettle aphids?
Ground Ivy
Yellow Water Lily - in the Top Lodge, the one in the Small Lodge has not flowered yet so we have to settle for a long distance shot.


  1. I always enjoy my walks with you and always learn something new. Today it was about the female flowers of the beech forming the mast. I love the photos of the bees...perfect sound to keep me company in my garden :)

  2. Glad to have you on our walks WG, we should have plenty of beech mast in our pockets this year (none last year), it makes a good snack along our walks.


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