Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Wednesday 6 May

Raining, we set off on our own again - had a look at the spot we see Yellow Pimpernel we will be struggling to see it there this year due to the himalayan balsam, the patch has been covered with it. It could be easily removed in a couple of weeks before it matures and it is taller than the pimpernel. I will keep an eye on it.
More young plants of Harts Tongue this was in Burgh Wood.
Oak in flower
Rhododendron in bud
and flower.
Rowan or Mountain Ash also in flower in Burgh Wood.
There is a lot of himalayan Balsam around the Yarrow Valley Park and on the edge of Burgh wood, more than years past, bashing as it is called needs to be done before it flowers. It would benefit the valley if done in the next few weeks.
"Just my two pennies worth if anyone is interested".
We saw no one till we got back to the lodge, damp morning.

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