Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday 20 June

Went to Tatton Park with Debbie, we were giving Sue a helping hand (just general labourers) with the Newton Heath Agility Club Show. We always have a good time when we are among Doggy people, most of them were camping as the show was over the weekend, some had come a long way to compete, it was a shame the weather was showery, even so we all enjoyed ourselves.
Debbie & Me were helping in one of the rings - of course I could not resist looking at the buttercups at my feet - not a rarity (except in the Yarrow Park) it was Bulbous, as always camera (compact) at the ready.
I checked a few I would say at least 10% were Bulbous.
This was a good looking Beech - full of mast and really healthy.
Sweet Chestnut - quite a few in the park. Not one we see a lot of around our area.

Lost count of the aircraft taking off - non stop - now that's a carbon footprint.
Good Day was had by all.

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