Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday 21 June

A dry morning and we soon got going, up Primrose Hill and through the bottom of Spring Wood, touched onto Burgh Wood then doubled back to Spring Wood the bottom end, came back through Spring Wood and round the Top Lodge, quite a few folk about.

We had a look at the barrow field, the work is on going, these sewer pipes are all over the place.
Can only presume they intend starting to build on the field soon.
There are a lot of Common Spotted Orchids about this year
Thought this was some sort of Hoverfly but it was ID by the Dipterist Forum as a Snipe Fly.
First flower out on Himalayan Balsam.


  1. What do you think about Indian Balsam. Do you pull it up or leave it?

  2. You might say I sit on the fence, I love it (found a beautiful white one the other day) but I do see the down side, I think it could be managed better than it is, at the moment the yarrow valley is over run with it. I also think that it is too late to start bashing or pulling once it's flowering. If it was up to me they should be pulled at about 12 inches tall, that way every one can ID it, it is an annual and can be managed, we just need to do so much everyday, like we do in our gardens. The answer to your question I would pull it and manage it. Still think it's a great plant for our bees.


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