Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Wednesday 17 June

Set off on our own, it was looking dull as we got down Sunny Brow.
As I said the Hedge Woundwort is everywhere this year, a lovely patch on the edge of the farmers field.
This was the only photo taken today as it started to rain, we did the whole walk and we were wet.
Glad to get home and have a cuppa.


  1. I love hedge woundwort...such a pretty plant with its purple spires and stately stance....a bit like salvias.

    Would you like to watch a little video I took at Barleycorn in June? Here is the link below...

  2. Now I know what it is called. I am looking after an avairy this week and there is a baby siskin which has been rescued. It is in a bit on it's own and am feeding it with tweezers. It is very tame so lets hope it can be rehabilitated to the wild.


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