Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wednesday 3 June

On our own again, we did a good few miles just wandering from wood to wood.
Found this on an oak sapling, I would like a ID. My first thought was Dock Beetle but it's not, quite sure some one will tell me.
Got an ID from Dave on Chorley Nats - Malachite Beetle.

Get ready for a glut of blackberries - these brambles are full of flower in Burgh Wood.
Really healthy looking - my blackberry pies will hopefully come from this lot.
The more I look at this Orchid the more I think it's a hybrid possibly common spotted x southern marsh, any other thoughts welcome.
All on it's own among the buttercups.
Lesser Stitchwort
Meadow Foxtail
The posts have been up rooted, some one did not care for the sign which has been gone a few days, but this is very interesting.
As you can see they have been put to one side - looks like someone is going to come back for them.
The young plants of Touch Me Not Balsam - quite a spread - hope the bikers keep away from it.
White Clover

We had a really good walk, lots of cover now for the insects, birds & animals.

Don't know if anyone can confirm this but we were told a terrapin the size of a dinner plate was seen in the Big Lodge.

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