Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday 12 July

Overcast but we stayed dry.
The Darwin's Barberry is full of berries - the birds will enjoy them and I am sure plenty will be sown in other areas by them.
Dotted Loosestrife on the Rucks
Hogweed towering above me in what appears to be a black & white print.
Red Shank - this plant usually has a dark spot on the leaves, none on this one.
Can't see them but the babes are there, well guarded by Mum & Dad.
Wood Sage


  1. I saw the tern chicks today - they're growing at an amazing rate.

    I have a Darwen's Barberry in my garden which is on its second fruiting this year. Unusual shrub: half of it flowers and berries, then the other half flowers, etc.

  2. They are growing fast - it's been good to see, hope this is a good sign, as there has been a lack of young this year.


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