Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday 26 July

It was dry when I got up at 6am, but by 7.30am it was raining hard.
Meg still had to have her run so off we went, soon found Sue & Debbie out and already wet. We were out till going on 10am, so the dogs and us were quite wet. Did not take any photos but took a bit of seed off various plants, mainly to look at, the docks are fascinating weird and wonderful shapes.

This is a three sided fruit/seed/nut ( I have heard all these terms to describe it) off Broad Leaved Dock this shows an undeveloped wart it has two of these.
This is the third side showing the developed wart.
This fruit is also toothed.
This is Curled Dock - again three sided with one developed wart.
This is untoothed.

These two are easy to ID but they hybridise so readily - so it is better to wait and look at the fruit.

Sorry if I have bored anyone but I do find this interesting.

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