Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday 21 July

Showers today, so we were damp.
Broad Leaved Helleborine in flower.
Cultivated Oats - must be from wild bird food as it was on the edge of the Big Lodge.
Hedge Bindweed
Timothy Grass
Went into Bolton (my home town) this afternoon to go shopping with an old friend, we had to have a look at Fred Dibnah - to be honest I did not think it looked like Fred, I had seen Fred on many occasions around Bolton mainly up chimneys, I first spoke to him when he demolished the Park Mill Chimney in the early 80's just off Chorley Old Road in Bolton, I went and set my camera up and waited for the monster to topple - what a sight and the dust was everywhere, I looked like I'd been down pit. After I went and chatted to Fred and the group, he was just as I expected down to earth and what we call gradely. After that I always waved when I saw him, he always acknowledged me even though he probably thought demented woman.

We enjoyed the shopping trip but Bolton has changed so much in a few years. Lots of the shops are empty - due I expect to the rates - I have never understood the thinking on this surely it would be better to have these shops occupied for less rates, you know the old saying half a loaf is better than none.

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