Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday 14 August

Met Sue on Primrose Hill we walked and talked plus took some photos. When we got back to the lodges today we saw quite a few folk.

Another one from the wildbird seed - Bread Wheat
The seagull was still in the same place on the tern raft.
Devil's Bit Scabious ready to flower.
Showing the bracts from below.
Another one for the garden to attract the insects.
Beautiful flower
Fly agaric looking a little worse for wear - Sue found some down by Drybones in better condition, use to be a lot in the area - perhaps it's been too dry.
Lots of it around the lodges.
Knapweed - I must get some in my garden - the insects love it.
Meadow Vetchling still flowering.

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