Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday 30 August

Will we ever be dry again, another damp morning.
Met all the ramblers and set off.
Walked through Spring and Burgh Wood, plenty of plants going over.
This Dandelion was enjoying the rain.

These Guelder Rose berries are the most wonderful colour.
Would look fantastic in any garden.

The weather has not been good these past days, hope it improves - we have plenty of jobs to do at home, inside and out.

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  1. I love silverweed... and dandelions which I leave in my garden for the bumble bees to feast upon :)

    We have one of those awful evergreen forests near know the kind, where nothing grows on the forest floor. But at the front of the evergreens there is a mini-forest of guelder rose bushes, which I adore :)

    We are fed up with the rain too...almost two months now of wall-to-wall if you come and see my little videos, you will understand how persistent I had to be in order to capture the little creatures in them... :)


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