Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday 9 August

An excellent walk, we walked back through Burgh Wood, still a few Touch Me Not balsam flowers about.
We got back to the lodge could only see one adult tern, looks like they are moving on.
It seems to be one of those weeks on the park - what with the cars driving and parking all over the place, this morning there was a camper van parked in the trees on the picnic area, been there over night as they were having breakfast and packing up. What next - we are expecting tents and tourers.
Must have missed the Snowberry in flower.
This is Fred our Toad in the garden, he could be a she but it would still be Fred, he appears occasionally especially when I am tidying up - I had to put him in the bird bath to take his photo as he was heading under the shed, quite a size - bigger than the palm of my hand.

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