Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Wednesday 5 August

Walked up on to the Lower Burgh Meadow this morning, it was lovely.
Lots in flower.
Amphibious Bistort it actually had a good bit of water around it.
This was a complete surprise, another three Broad Leaved Helleborine, never noticed this patch before.
This beautiful Bumblebee was almost as big as the clover she was sipping from.
She was a bit dopey - probably waiting for the sun to come and warm her up.
Had to put this in - could hardly believe our eyes a car on the side of the lodge. Personally I think the gate at the 2nd Bridge should be locked, you have got to draw the line somewhere.
Those Fungus Gnats again.
So easy to miss - Goatsbeard
Purple Loosestrife - quite a few patches have appeared over the last few years.
Musk Mallow
Rust (Puccinia poarum) on Colt's Foot leaves
Pyramidal Orchid a nice patch - I look forward to seeing these next year as I missed the best flowers.
Wild Carrot
Showing the bracts
Found this at Worthington struggling to see daylight - Peached Leaved Bellflower another garden escapee.
Tutsan was in berry.

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