Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday 26 September

This gave us all a bit of a scare as it appeared over the trees from Burgh Wood, Harvey & Blue did a runner as it was really low. Thought it was coming down.
It was advertising Parkinson's Bakery at Leyland, it seemed to be struggling to get any height, we would have followed it but Harvey & Blue ran the other way and we had to find them.
It is now heading for Duxbury but still seem to be low, I wonder if anyone knows if it came down?
It drops behind the line of trees on the Pond Field.
Arnold watching the balloon as it fired its burner again,
We found Harvey & Blue on the Barrow field, Harvey still a little nervous after his encounter with the noisy fire breathing balloon. Blue stuck very close to Dawnie all the way round the rest of the walk.
A ditch has been cut from the outlet on the Barrow Field to a gully in Burgh wood, we will be watching for the next episode.
Quite a few Chaffinch around the Channel Sluice Table.

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