Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thursday 30 September

We had our walk, the rain was threatening but we stayed dry.

It dried up later and I cycled to Standish for Meg's tablets, it was windy and cool, I saw the Laburnum on the way there so I stopped and took the photos.

I remember there used to be a lot of Laburnum trees about when I was younger but they seem to have lost popularity due to them being poisonous, this plant was part of the hedge row so probably bird sown.
A lovely flower
Seed Pods
Old leaves
New leaves.
I found another one growing in the hedge on Jolly Tar Lane two years ago have not seen it since.

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  1. Pretty laburnum's amazing what grows in the countryside these days...:)

    We had a large laburnum tree which fell down of its own accord last Autumn...but, this year we found two new we'll be able to transplant them...Nature often provides us with its glorious bounty :)


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