Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Wednesday 9 September

Warmer & dryer today.
Beech Mast are opening, got a few in my pocket for rambling snacks.
This Elder was turning the most wonderful colours.
Found these in a Beech tree cavity.
The tree had been set on fire earlier in the year.
The colour of the leaf was eye catching - I do not know if the Hairy Gall was causing the problem.
Heron - seems to a favourite spot for him.
Speckled Wood - looks a little worn.
We seem to have a lot of wasps this year, I watch them at home and they have cleared the whole of my Nasturtiums - not a caterpillar to be seen, they carried them off. Natures own pest control, not that I think the caterpillars were a pest on my plants - although I use to think it when they stripped my cauliflowers & cabbages on my veggie plot.
Plenty of big spiders about.
A redundant stile - it's in better condition than some modern ones.
I love these root steps, not used now but I am sure they were years ago before the new steps were put in, Children still enjoy the climb, it leads to a stile and also the path to Dry Bones.
The weir it's still not been repaired - the recent rainfall has caused the water to flood over the weir.

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