Monday, October 05, 2009

Monday 5 October

Drybones to Duxbury and back through Burgh Wood.

Past Drybones Cottage or as Sue calls it Spooky house - it is occupied occasionally, shame it is lovely by the river, unfortunately no services at all.
Dry Bones Stile
Path behind Lowes Tenement Farm.
Meg on the 1st bridge heading towards Yew tree Farm (Woodcocks).
2nd bridge
Meg at the 3rd -
4th and now heading for Duxbury.
Finally Duxbury.
Back across the Yarrow
Frank's Cairn
The old steps out of the valley.
At the top near the Stile.
New gates on Burgh Lane South.
Fungi on fallen Silver Birch in Burgh Wood.
This large oak branch has fallen recently
It's a large oak you can see where the branch has come from.

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