Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tuesday 3 November

Meg has been and still is poorly, we have been at the vets so much we are expecting an invite to the Christmas dance.

The vets are now thinking the Phenobarbitone she has for her epilepsy is affecting her liver, she has been really off colour, the blood tests show that the liver has elevated levels of enzymes so we are in the process of trying to lower the dose, they have doubled her Bromide Medication which hopefully will keep the seizures at bay while we lower the Phenobarbitone. The last blood test on Monday showed the levels as still extremely high but down from the week before.

They have done a bile acid test and they had to keep her in for this - two lots of blood are drawn a fasting one then food is given and the blood taken again.

We decided to have a ride out to Bolton while this was being done, to help take our minds off things.

This is the River Croal that runs through Bolton, it was once the boundary that divided Little Bolton from Greater Bolton. The photo is taken from what would have been Little Bolton. The River was in flood due to the heavy rains, normally you can walk by the sides of the river, we use to play down here as children - before they built the new market place you could walk all the way to the other side of town (providing you had a torch and could stand the odd rat) we played many hours by the river.Bolton Town hall having a face lift. There was also a community project about the off road bikes, the police are allowed to confiscate them if they are on roads or land were they should not be. They were crushing them to show what would happen to them, the crusher was set up and every hour they crushed some.
We found this Gum Tree Sp. (eucalyptus) near the vets at Standish, amazing what you find when your not looking.
The leaves and seeds feel very tough.

We are still lowering the Phenobarbitone - she has another vets visit this coming Monday for another blood test to see how the enzyme levels are. By Monday the Phenobarbitone will be down to a total of 30mg from 240mg, at the moment she is still not showing any signs of seizure.

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