Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday 15 December

Mild & damp - George arrived and we set off.
It is just coming light as we headed down the brow into the valley.
Looking across the fields towards Duxbury.

I was lagging behind as I watched a squirrel in the tree, could not manage a picture as it kept going round the back of the tree.

Plenty of small birds around the path which leads to Primrose Hill, Drybones and the fish ladder.

50 years ago this path would have been busy with people on their way to work as this part of the valley was an industrial area.

The view toward Winter Hill - low cloud today, you can see the television mast coming through the clouds. It's been a while since we walked up past the mast.

The Christmas Tree

Arnold heading down to the Slippery Log

This is the lower end of Spring Wood

The Slippery Log with a couple of wooden pallets that some one has managed to carry - it's amazing what you find out on a walk.

Blackbird in the Sluice Channel.

Hart's Tongue

Pyramid shaped marker


The Big Lodge

I could not get close to this fern but I think it was Male Fern.

Not many people about.
Take Care.

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