Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thursday 14 January

Cool this morning, with another light dusting of snow on the ground overnight.
It made walking easier. Yesterday was terrible as the slight thaw made the paths like an ice rink, I just kept going and the camera made no appearance.
George arrived this morning with Tinker and we soon got up on to Primrose Hill, waiting for us were Paul & Sue with the tribe.

Arnold catching us up after feeding Pickle (a fat Great Tit), a very pushy Blackbird who we haven't named yet, plus a few more small birds, occasionally a Grey Squirrel turns up.

General chat about the world situation, not that we can do anything about it.

This is the top end of one spring that that runs through Spring Wood, the gully is well protected and the wildlife are reasonably safe in this area.

The grass & brambles are beginning to show once again, I actually saw some Lesser Celandine leaves looking quite fresh this morning, won't be long now before the first flowers.

We managed to pick up the tracks of the dog fox that roams the back of the top lodge this morning, we have not seen him for a few days, his track did not look like he was in a hurry, just on the look out for his breakfast.

Arnold looking at his tracks further up the path, at this point he seemed to double back and head for the lodge.

Meg wondering what all the fuss was about, she's probably thinking that red dog's been about.

A good day we all feel better when we get out and about.

Take Care.


  1. Happy New Year, Duxbury Ramblers :)

    Great, at last, to find people who are getting out and about and enjoying the snow...everyone I meet has a moan about something to do with this weather...

    Come and read about my beautiful snowy landscape and all the wildlife I've photogrpahed over the past four weeks...

  2. Aww what a gorgeous springer! We have just had our 1st month with our springer puppy - wonder if he'll like the snow lol...!


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