Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday 19 February

The cottage has been vandalized again.

Well and truly burnt out now, once again it has been on fire.
Also a lot of other damage - two new sheds and a caravan set on fire.

Nothing but a shell - it will have to be demolished.

Moss has always fascinated me they are wonderful and we find them all over in every habitat.
This  one was in Burgh Wood among rich leaf mould
This one was on part of an old stone wall. I haven't a clue as to which moss as they are so an ID would be nice, keep thinking I would like to know a bit more perhaps I will if I ever get any spare time.

Opposite Leaved Saxifrage Leaves

Another large patch of Snowdrops.

Back of the Top Lodge, the reed bed will soon grow and cover it.

Take Care.

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