Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday 14 February

Cold this morning well below freezing.
We made our way down Sunny Brow as the sun was trying to get up.

View from Sunny Brow across the farmers fields.
Sunny Brow Bridge
River Yarrow

This is the pond on the pond field, hard to believe it will be full of toads and frogs before long.
View toward Burgh Lane South
Part of Spring Wood
Remember I said Spring Wood was a muddy place at the best of times, well the ground is rock hard with the frost but Meg has just flushed a Pheasant out and what a sight she was as she appeared
Meg - got her to stand still so I could show the mud she gathered in Spring Wood.

Back to the Big Lodge
Looking to my right.
Then to my left.

Robin waiting for his breakfast.

Take Care.

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