Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sunday 7 February

Damp morning, we were on our own - did a good walk up toward Duxbury, coming back along the edge of Burgh Wood, then we dropped down toward Spring Wood.
No one about till we got back to the lodges. There were a few families about feeding the ducks and enjoying the out doors.

I seem to have made a friend of this magpie it followed me along the path (I had thrown it some seed and could not get rid of it)

I thought this was a piece of polystyrene but it was a large fungi.

Wood Aven (Herb Bennet)

Take Care.

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  1. Wow... Magpies here are way south of where I live, but I've seen a few. But I don't remember that ours have blue. I love seeing the plants and animals you have that are similar and yet different. I really need to remember to stop by here more often, rather than to play catch-up.


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