Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday 18 February

Just above freezing this morning, we had just got to the gate at Primrose Hill when we both saw the fox  it was within yards of us, he was away up the hill before we could blink, he stopped for a few moments at the top to look back at us, we disturbed him having some breakfast but we could not see what it was, the magpies were soon down when we passed.

Swans still together but not for long, the youngster is already being pushed to one side, she will soon be joining Billy no mates, what shall we call her? Perhaps Lonely Lucy.
Take Care.

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  1. How great to see the fox! I just love them. Saw tracks on my property today. Knew it was the fox because his scent was very strong, but I never see him (I think I would need to be up much earlier!)


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