Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Tuesday 2 February

Mild damp walk, we headed to Spring Wood, it is a good place for the deer as it is almost impenetrable in parts, bramble and rhododendron grow in the valley and it gives good cover.
Some of the Beech are massive, the most common tree is the Silver Birch, there is also at least one Downy Birch.

This Beech toppled a few years ago, it fell against the valley side, so it has been propped up and still growing.
The top of the tree over the valley edge.
The once exposed base & roots have slowly been covered - bark has been stripped off possibly by deer.
Downy Birch
 Silver Birch
Another silver that has toppled they are not a long lived tree.
Plenty of burrs on it
Birch Polypore already making themselves at home.
Take Care.

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