Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday 14 March

Very mild, we soon found Debbie.
We ventured on to the rough land near the building site, its getting very overgrown - I am in two minds as to this being good or bad, my reason being the deer seem to frequent it - which was good when the area was remote, now it has a road almost up to it and houses being built in the next field, we saw two of the deer and we were only about 25 yards in, the reason we were concerned about the area was due to yobs once again trying to set fire to the grass on both sides of the area, are these the same people who torched the cottage? I would love to put them in a cage in the middle of this shrub land and let them feel terror as the flames get near.
I am now getting off my soap box.

Jake giving me a big smile or was he laughing at me.

Harvey was waiting for his Mum.

Meg was grinning to herself over the deer muck she had just rolled in.

Harvey leading the way to burnt area - the black patch almost in the middle of the photo.
Spreading into the rough, a big area.

Take Care.


  1. Anonymous5:20 pm

    well said on the fire-burners. I too have such problems in a field at the back of my house.Meg looks very happy!

  2. I love how you have captured the light in your header...wonderful photo :)

    Great undisturbed countryside in your pics...hope the vandals suffer smoke inhalation in the future! Sod the lot of them!

    Wonderful array of dogs...they all look happy with all the great walks they are taken on...wish all dog-owners were as good to their dogs as you so obviously are :)

    There are five large, beautiful, but unhappy, dogs kept in pens near us...wish they were taken for walks. My heart breaks for them...

  3. Those pups sure look very happy- and why not? A great ramble outdoors every day with their humans!


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