Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday 21 March

Cool & damp this morning, George arrived and we soon found Debbie, we got wet yesterday, never stopped so no photos.

Got on to the barrow field - the building site is growing, we have heard that some of the houses are £300,000 I wonder were they get the prices from.

Dandelion buds

Dogs Mercury these are the male flowers - some are open but so tiny.

Meg looking at me scrambling on the ground, she wonders what I have found.

Ramsons (wild garlic) & Daffodils

Billy is king of the lodge while his dad (Edward) is nest building on the top lodge.

Lonely Lucy has become his companion.

Blue Tit at the sluice table.

Still nest building.

Willow buds probably Goat Willow.

Take Care

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  1. Well, I had to go look up that dog's mercury. Never even heard of it. Seems it's a Euphorbia- spurge. Plants are so weird!

    Meg does look perplexed!


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