Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thursday 11 March

Another cold morning - below freezing, George arrived and we met up with Sue.

We headed up to Charlie's Field, looking for the deer.

They were on the far side just entering Spring Wood. This was the only decent photo showing the Roe Deer Buck, still got the velvet on his antlers. They soon vanished into the under growth.

Further on we saw the Kestrel, looking for breakfast.

Back at the lodges the three Black Swans are still about.

They look quite at home, I wonder how long they will stay?

Take Care.


  1. This post is part of my scavenger hunt. You should get some additional comments.

  2. I was led here by the scavenger hunt that Sharkbytes is doing. You have a wonderful site. The photos are exquisite. Thank you

  3. Wandered into your blog via a blog scavenger hunt, created by sharkbytes at =]

    swan-tastic finds for a day's work =] lucky you captured them all on film =]

    have a good one =]


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