Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tuesday 9 March

What a contrast the temperature is above freezing this morning, I was on my own so I walked along the river.

First I called at the sluice table, soon had my first photo the Nuthatch.

I made my way across the river, this side is rarely walked as it is overgrown with no foot paths, the wild garlic or ramsons had plenty of leaf no sign of any buds, they had also been eaten, we have seen the deer in this area.

Making my way to the edge of the river bank, you can make out some of the benches on the other side of the river near the lodge.

This part was not bad for walking
It was easy going in some parts but I know it can be very slippy in parts - the cold weather has helped to dry it up.
Finally Sunny Brow in sight.

The Bridge looking toward the Top Lodge.

I would have crossed this gully when I was younger but I thought better of it as I was on my own.

Not to worry I will climb the steep hill on this side of the gully.

This is the view from the top, quite steep, yet we once came across two young boys on bikes daring one another to ride down to the river, we persuaded them that the bridge and trees were harder than them.

Back onto the woodland path
This is part of the gully that feeds into the river.

Take Care.

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