Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wednesday 10 March

Just above freezing as we set off, heading for the lower burgh.

Straight down to the sluice table.

No prizes for guessing who was first in, Mr Robin.

Followed by Mr Blackbird.

As we carried on towards the burgh, we noticed some strangers about, three Black Swans had come in overnight, Edward our resident male was already in pursuit.

Lords & Ladies

Gorse still in flower.

Cheeky Blue Tit

With Mrs Chaffinch picking up the bits.

Got back to the Big Lodge and they were at the far end. Attracting a bit of attention.

This is the side of Sunny brow I was stood on yesterday - does not look as daunting from this angle.

I was on my way out in the afternoon and took my SLR with me - I called at the park to see if the Black Swans were still about.

I soon attracted a couple of Mallards.

I sat on one of the benches facing the tern raft, waiting for the swans to come to me.

They came
had a bit of dinner
cleaned themselves up
they were soon heading 
off to another meal
They finally left me for better pickings across the lodge.

Take Care.

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