Friday, April 09, 2010

Friday 9 April

George arrived this morning on another mild dry day, we were soon down and through the park.

We found Great Horsetail on a corner of the Barrow field - this is the reproductive shoot with the spore spreading cone, the horsetails are the gardeners nightmare because it also spreads through it's rhizome roots. We see it pushing through the tarmac, it's a survivor. The one we usually get in the garden is Field Horsetail or as I use to call it the gardeners curse.

Took this one home for a definite ID
cross section of stem 10 times
60 times no doubt Great Horsetail.

Blackthorn flower buds on the rucks.

Take Care.

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  1. Holy smokes, Carol! That is one humungous horsetail. Makes ours look wimpy, although I do have a rather rare one here. Not showing at all yet. I was actually there today. And you can take good microscope pix too. I'm thinking you must have some professional botanizing or maybe a teaching career in your resume. This is really fun!


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