Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tuesday 20 April

Well I had to get some better photos of our new babes.

Still got eight.

They are little beauties.

Well Mum is to.

Lonely Lucy has spotted us.

With Billy no mates.

Lucy first to the trough.

Tern raft occupied by gulls for the moment, hopefully the terns will be back this year.

Path along side of the Big Lodge.

Path from the rucks.

Big Lodge again.

Big Lodge.

Banking full of Wood Anemone.

Wild Garlic/Ramsons flowering.

Just opening.


planted in memory of a loved one.

Male flowers Dog's Mercury.

Female flowers Dog's Mercury.

Colt's-foot gone to seed.

Field Wood Rush gone to seed.


We are seeing more of the Nuthatch than we use to.

Garden escapee - Silver Leaved Yellow Archangel, not flowering, I will check again but it is out in the open.

Horse Chestnut.


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  1. Wonderful collection of pictures. I think I like mama duck from this group. Her feathers are so pretty.


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