Saturday, May 15, 2010

Saturday 15 May

We were on our own again, up on to the Burgh to have a look round.

Arnold looking for flowers.

Bog Stitchwort a very tiny plant, you can not see it in this photo but the five petals are so deeply cut it looks like it has ten when it is fully open.

Colt's-foot seed heads.

Common Comfrey.

Common Twayblade found by member of the Chorley Natural History Society.

So I had to have a look, will be watching these to see them flower.

Common Vetch.



The weird looking Dandelion is suffering from fasciation.

Ground Ivy


Hairless Lady's Mantle

Hawthorn Buds

Herb Robert. We get lots of this in back garden were I clean our boots off.

Meadow Vetchling Leaves

Red Campion


White Dead Nettle

White Poplar

Take Care.


  1. No Twayblades around our area as yet, that's a large group that you're keeping an eye on.

  2. Wow! Twayblade- I've seen it in Wisconsin. We have several little stitchworts. So cute. The White Poplar is alien here, but I have it in my field.


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