Sunday, May 02, 2010

Sunday 2 May

We were expecting rain this morning but it never did a drop, met up with Debbie on her way home.

We did quite a few places -

found our first blackbird egg casualty.

Plenty of flowers on the Damson tree.

I wonder how many pounds of jam have been made from this trees fruit.

Dandelion clock - I think they look beautiful.

Holly looks like its had a good polishing.

There is quite a bit of Marsh Marigold in Spring Wood - we keep finding patches.

Horse Chestnut - This is only a small part of it, there has always been plenty of conkers on this one, it has never let us down.

Plenty of flowers again.

Looking forward to the conkers.

Not a drop of rain all day.

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  1. conkers? I love that word... really says more than nut, eh?


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