Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Tuesday 4 May

Cool dry morning, on our own again so we rambled all over the place, no set plan for walking just followed the paths as they came.
Ash Leaves appearing after flowering.

Beech in Burgh Wood - this is one of the medium sized ones.
It's also in flower - those on the edge of the wood are a few days off.

White Bluebell this time in Burgh Wood.

The hillside is filling with Bluebells.
They always look a treat.

Flowering Currant.

Common Sorrel on the Barrow

Fringe Cups another garden escapee.

Great Crested Grebe sitting lets hope they have some young this year.

Here is my hero of the moment Mother Mallard still with 5 babes.

I am leaning towards this being a moth - it was so tiny - the leaf is a bramble - I hope to get an ID for it.

More Oaks coming in to leaf.

River Yarrow - not seen it this low for a while.

Silver Birch

Silver Leaved Yellow Archangel - this is a garden escapee.
It's done very well to last this long.

She wasn't on the nest this morning, first time we have caught her off the nest since she started sitting.
She was nearby having a quick wash and brush up.

One of the patches of Touch Me Not Balsam in Burgh Wood.
Much paler and a lot more delicate looking than the Himalayan.

Yellow Rattle just showing.

Yellow Water Lily Leaves
Take Care

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  1. I'm always amazed at the diversity of things you find!


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