Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Wednesday 5 May

Dull this morning but it was dry.

This Yew is so tiny, it has not grown much in the last 12 months.

First of the Large Bittercress.

Hawthorne Buds

 3 photos of Greater Stitchwort from Spring Wood.
Finally found the Hard Fern.
New fronds should make it easy but it took over 15 minutes of searching.

Slime Mold - Enteridium Lycoperdon this is the one I found earlier on the 28 April, it is already shiny and turning brown.

Garlic Mustard also known as Jack by the Hedge.

Take Care.


  1. Thanks for the photo of the Large Bittercress, I'm fairly certain it's this flower that grows around my garden ponds amongst the Lady's Smock (Cuckoo Flower)

  2. OH! Slime molds are among my favorite things. I haven't seen this one. Garlic Mustard is one of the REALLY bad invasives here.


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