Thursday, June 03, 2010

Thursday 3 June

Glorious morning, sun was already warm.
I was on my own, another parcel, plus Meg had been ill during the night another seizure. She had three in the last few days so I was hoping to ring the vet and get a blood test done.

Billy Swan on the old nest again.

Bittersweet near the small lodge.


Field Forget-me-not - I thought I was not going to see this but you find one and then fall over loads, it was by the big lodge and near the visitors centre.

Another new Mallard family - they have done well this year.

Yellow Water Lily on the small lodge.

This is probably the finish line to the bank holiday weekend (plastic) duck race.

I rang the vet and went straight there - took the usual bloods and upped her medication for a while.

Take Care.

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