Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wednesday 25 August

Dry again - Had a walk along the edge of Burgh & Spring Wood.

Last year we found lots of different Galls, this year we have found a few mainly on Oak.

 Artichoke Gall
 Quite a few on this young Oak.

 This is Hairy Gall on Beech - the underside of the leaf.

I have found this gall on this Beech for at least 5 years.

 Now you know why it's called Hairy Gall.

 These are mainly Spangle Galls
 The two pale galls attached to the leaf vein are Oyster Galls

The sun catching the dew on a web.

 Acorns no sign of the knopper gall - no doubt I will find hundreds now.

The top end of the Big Lodge.

 Still not happy families - the female (Edwina) is trying to chase the older two away.
This years 5 youngsters are well grown & healthy looking.


  1. I find galls fascinating. I've never seen any of the ones you show in your pictures. Maybe I should show the ones I've "collected."

  2. I also find them interesting, you'll have to blog them for us.


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