Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday 24 September

Damp morning as we set off, went to look at the weir and then headed for Drybones.

 Large Sycamore across the path between the Weir & Drybones. Teddy already beyond it.
 Toots on her way - Billy waiting for his mum to go near this strange object.

 Fly Agaric top end of Spring Wood.
 Fly Agaric near Big Lodge

 This one was near the Fly Agaric
Same one from below found near Big Lodge.

Edwina still chasing Lonely Lucy - notice she has stopped chasing Billy.

Take Care


  1. Your lovely fly agaric is the cousin to my yellow patches. I don't think I've ever seen one like the other with the striped stem.

  2. My apologies to Joan for taking so long to catch up on these comments, You are right the fly agaric is eye catching as for the other one I have had a tentative ID poss. Boletus sp.


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