Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday 26 September

Another sunny day, we walked along the shore as the tide was going out.

 Common Sea-lavender - Limonium vulgare - just the leaves, autumn is spreading over trees and plants not a lot of colour left.
One lonely ferry - this once was a thriving fishing community, along with a lot of our coastal towns & villages they have declined due to the fishing regulations (which I think are only kept by us, the rest of Europe seems to ignore most of them).

Every time I walk up the beach I am tempted to buy a bucket and spade, perhaps they also have become obsolete as I have not seen any for sale - they were always the first things bought by our parents when we came on holiday, come to think of it I have not seen a sand castle for years.

The Knott End Coast Guard building on the left.

There is also a cafe - never been in it as it is closed when we are about - although it advertises early morning breakfast - not early enough for us!!
Not a good photo but these are swans over the bay.

Another good dry day.

Take Care.

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