Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday 22 September

On Lower Burgh Meadow this morning.

Work still on going.
This Triangle must have been well covered, they are markers for the old local pits.

Fungi on Silver Birch

They look misshapen.

 Hartstongue - Phyllitis scolopendrium

Heron on Top Lodge

 Perennial Sow Thistle - Sonchus arvensis - with a 7 spot ladybird larva, it certainly needed it.
 Perennial Sow Thistle - Sonchus arvensis - 7 spot still in residence.

More Fungi

I am fascinated by the different fungi but haven't a clue.

 Wild Carrot - Daucus carota
 Wild Carrot - Daucus carota - just opening
Wild Carrot - Daucus carota - good example showing the pink/red flower in the centre.

Take care


  1. Harts tongue fern... just growing there! Oh My! It's very rare here. I saw it once by special appointment at a nature preserve. I am TOTALLY jealous.

  2. It grows very well in this area and that was a perfect specimen.


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