Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Wednesday 8 September

This was a wonderful welcome sight, as we got on to the sea wall.

The mist was just beginning to lift - the tide had ebbed.

Across the bay

Canada Geese they soon flew off as Meg got on the beach.

Acorn Barnacle - these are on a plastic fish box that has been washed in on the tide.

Green Shore Crab
It's seen me!!

Gull keeping it's feet dry.

Arnold & Meg
Meg has chased every seagull but they just keep coming back.
You would not think she could get dirty on the beach - we have to get her in for a swim before we set off back.

Weather was still sunny in the afternoon, we gave the beach a miss to keep Meg dry & clean.
Sea wall footpath.

We were chatting to a birder who was watching a pair of Wheatears, I would not have noticed them but for him - apparently they seem to like this spot. I had a job to get a photo as they flew from rock to rock.

I think I got both or did I?

Take care.


  1. What a wonderful place to walk! I love going on your adventures with you.

  2. We love the sea shore and it's so different to our woodland walks.


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