Thursday, October 21, 2010

Monday 18 October

Damp Morning - we were on our own.
We just drifted as we usually do.

Arnold - we were on the weir platform, it was built with wheelchair access as a priority. The old path is still used.


Deer carving beginning to weather.

Tiny flush of fungi.

Half eaten fungi.


Japanese Larch

Found some more Shaggy Inkcaps.

Slug that had lost its way.

Top Lodge

Top Lodge


One of the youngsters (I believe it was this one) crash landed in the trees near river yesterday and was in the river when last sighted but it was back on the lodge this morning.

Edwina still chasing lonely Lucy.

Tern Raft fully occupied.

Weigelia - Weigela florida - seed pods.

Path near Top Lodge

and again.

Take Care.

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