Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday 22 November 2010

Above freezing and very pleasant morning.
We did the lodges this morning, just to see what has been happening.

Even the gulls are joining the feeding flock.

Was not bothered about the dog.

Black headed Gulls

Blackbird & Nuthatch

Blue Tit & Nuthatch

Ragwort in flower

Crow on field near Sunny Brow.


Great Tit & Blue Tit

These gulls are always having to fly off as people approach, Meg is slowly wandering up.

One already to take off.

Here we go.

All gone.

Magpie at the table.

Mallards by the 100s

Meg waiting for just one bunny to appear.

Mole hills 


Three signs on one gate.

There have been fish under this overhanging tree all summer but they have vanished for the moment - probably gone up river to spawn.

River Yarrow

The gate with the signs on Sunny Brow.

View from Sunny Brow across the Valley.

Sunny Brow Bridge


Just one juvenile in flight. 

Since Monday we have not seen the odd juvenile - wonder if it has made it's way back to its own family? Hope so.

Tern Raft ready for next year.

Arnold & Willie putting the world right.

Take Care.

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