Monday, November 15, 2010


We are a little busy at the moment so I thought I would put this up, I have had in the draft box for a while.

Standish is the village we go to for the veterinary surgery for Meg. It is just over 3 miles away, the village is steeped in history (as most of the villages are) but the Church - St Wilfrid's is one of the oldest in England first mentioned in 1205.
Rebuilding of the church started in 1582 it was finished 1589.

This faces the Church, it has three sides this shows the Mayflower - the link is Myles Standish.

This side shows the Mining connection.

This is the Crest of the Standish Family - The Owl & the Rat.

Notice about the area.

The stocks - pity they aren't used now. 

Entrance to the Church.

It looks like a castle entrance.

The main entrance to the Church.

An old stone coffin.

The large graveyard is at the rear.

Take Care.


  1. That is amazing! Our history just looks so insignificant by comparison. I have a direct ancestor who came on the Mayflower.

  2. I suppose we see it most days so we think nothing of it but it is still your history as well :)


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